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We use content that matches your audience, making your ad spend go further through social media advertising.

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Why we are not your average Marketing Agency...

Discover a fresh perspective in Cosmetic Dentistry marketing that sets you apart from the competition.
With content driven from the patient's perspective, we highlight their remarkable transformations, giving prospective patients a quick snapshot of what their journey to a perfect smile with you would be like.

We qualify our leads by asking several questions that help identify where the patient is in the buying cycle. The practice can then better understand their needs based on this information. As a result, they are able to respond to the patient in a more personal way, which improves the chances of closing the lead.

With the IOS14 Apple updates and the recent Google updates [July 2023], we found that lead prices significantly increased after the update, so we switched to in-app forms. We have kept the cost low while maintaining high quality by keeping the user experience inside the app.

Our clients are currently thriving with TikTok advertising, which is still in its infancy. With TikTok Ads still in its infancy, there is little to no competition, resulting in lower cost, highly qualified leads.

Our Services

From Tiktok, Meta & Google Ads, we got you covered!

TikTok Lead Generation

Our focus is always on the present, but our eyes are always on the future. It is for this reason that we are heavily invested in TikTok. Checkout some of our results on our Instagram page.

Instagram & Facebook Lead Generation

Our Facebook & Instagram ads have produced very positive consistent results over the past four years.  Checkout some of our results on our Instagram page.


"Mark, Adam & the team are great to work with as they understand what is required to make certain ads works for different treatments. For example our implant campaign has blew us away with the modern twist to the ads they created."

"Working with these guys is a breeze. We started off with TikTok ads which have been amazing lead wise, especially the cost per lead. They have also worked their magic on our Facebook ads which didn't really work previously for us."


Our average cost per lead

We focus on using the right content for the right audience to ensure the cost per lead is low.


Content Is Key

We focus our content on Dentist lead content and showcasing the patient’s outcome, by doing this we make them the star. This shows a potential lead how their new smile could look.

Struggling with content?
We can help create as much or as little you need.

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